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Webinar Invitation:Resolving Tenancy Disputes Amicably in The Covid-19 Era.

Pertinent Questions 1. Should you treat all tenants the same, whether affected or unaffected by COVID-19?2. How do you prevent landlord – tenant conflict in case of COVID-19 induced rent default?3. How do you handle disputes between landlords and financial institutions or service providers who expect payments?4. How do you address tenant issues in cases of delayed services?5. The case for alternative dispute resolution and arbitration


The Executive Assistant will be responsible for overseeing the administration, programs, and strategic plan of the Board. The position reports directly to the Board through the Registrar. 


TO ALL REGISTERED ESTATE AGENTS  The 2019 Coronavirus (Covid19) pandemic has now become a global crisis affecting the lives of many and affecting the way we do business. Property agents, like other businesses and professionals have been adversely affected. The government directives and measures geared towards controlling the spread of the viruses in regards to social distancing, the dawn to dusk curfew, restrictions on movement, the closing of the Land Registries and Survey offices are among the...Read More

Public Notice: Consumers Of Estate Agents’ Services

All consumers of the services by Estate Agents are hereby notified that the Estate Agents Act Cap 533 Laws of Kenya makes it mandatory for all Estate Agents – that is “persons who by way of business negotiate for or otherwise act in relation to the selling, purchasing or letting of land and buildings erected thereon” to be registered with the Estate Agents Registration Board. In this regards, all Estate Agents registered by the Board are issued with a Registration Certificate and are requi...Read More

Public Notice: Unregistered Agents

It has been brought to our attention that some members of the public, public and private organisations are procuring real estate services from unregistered persons. This is to bring to the attention of such person or institutions that it is illegal to engage or procure the services of unregistered persons as it is punishable by law. In addition, such persons are unregulated and not answerable to any legal body.In addition, the Board wishes to warn that those carrying out such services without th...Read More